When it comes to the different rooms in our homes the bathroom seems to be one that we want to change the most often.  The bathroom is where we go to think, take care of ourselves physically and is the room that best reflects us on a personal level.  When it comes to bathroom remodeling contractors fairfax county va deciding on the best features will be your primary focus.

Accessibility and safety

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Bathrooms can be a dangerous place.  When dealing with water, slippery surfaces and electricity, keeping safety in mind should be the first thing that you focus on. 

Safety Bars

Safety bars are the metal bars or handrails that you use to pull yourself up or hold onto while in the shower.  Placing these rods in strategic areas of your bathroom will help you move around the room and to use as extra support.  When placing these bars in your bathroom place temp bars around that you can use to judge your distance.

Non slip stickers

Non slip stickers on your bathtub surface may seem like an old trick from the seventies but they still work.  These stickers offer a textured surface to your tub surface that will keep you from slipping.  Using a suction mat is also a good idea however, these will need to be removed regularly and washed. 

Door locks

Privacy from the kids, spouse and others is a major concern for some people.  To do this they feel that they need to have a lock on the bathroom door.  Having a lock can be a danger and delay or prevent assistance getting to you in a critical moment.  As such reconsider having a lock on the door and opt from a do not disturb sign.  Consider your safety over a moment of privacy.